Heading 5


Déjà Vu EP

[UITNT003] [Released: 25/05/2018]

1. Early Bloom

2. Dawn Chorus

3. Treading Water

4. Dreamcatcher

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The ‘Déjà Vu’ EP is a chronicle of tragicomic missteps and what ifs - written, recorded, and produced within the confines of my childhood bedroom.


Early Bloom; at first an apology, bursts into a downtuned poem of conflict and resolve set upon the violent imagery of the natural world. The juxtaposition explores the grief of loss, and the spiral of destructive behaviour that can, and has followed. Dawn Chorus is about the consequence of this self-destruction; hangovers, “maudlin dreams”, and sleeping-in. It is a crutch to awaken the confidence to revel in consciousness and put my mind to work - not rest. 


A Frankenstein of years old riffs and mistakes - Treading Water comes from the thirst for the complicated and dramatic. The tranquility of the open water is capsized by an exploration of rejection and the struggle in a whirlpool of familiar heart-break. The consequences are mulled over in Dreamcatcher; a late-night lullaby of loss that grows into a proud and marching show of defiance, unburdened in its crescendo. It is a cathartic reprise sweetened with pangs of hope.

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