Heading 5


Let's Go Away For Awhile - EP

[UITNT004] [Released: 29/06/2018]

1. So Many Stories Started With You

2. Sitting There In Silence

3. Let's Go Away For Awhile

4. Walls

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Writing for the Sourced. project started as a happy accident. I had experienced a very long period of writer’s block, at least of writing anything I was properly proud of. My old band Fallingham Fair was coming to an end after two albums and lots of fun on the road, and I was starting to think of new ways to inspire myself and new contexts to write for. The first song I wrote was Sitting There in Silence after hearing the reports of Oskar Gröning’s (known as The Accountant of Auschwitz) trial in July 2015. I have always found it easier to write about other people or at least start there to then write more personally. However, after writing Sitting There in Silence I started to think more about this as an idea and as a touring musician I was listening to a lot of radio at the time so I started to seek out programmes about interesting people and stories. So Many Stories Started With You came from this, I listened to a programme about Cornelis Drebbel’s invention of the first navigable submarine in 1620. I was fascinated by it and began reading about him, finding out that he had a part to play in the invention of lots of other things such as Solar Power, Air-Conditioning & Oxygen.

Let’s Go Away for Awhile was slightly different in its creation, it was written after a conversation I had with a friend of my Dad’s about how he had his first kiss while listening to a new Beach Boys album. I have always had a thing for the 60’s since studying at University and more widely loved the idea of hearing revolutionaries such as The Beach Boys, The Beatles and later Jaco Pastorious for the first time before everyone else had copied them. The idea of a first kiss to a new Beach Boys’ record sounded perfect to me. As I mentioned above, however, this song actually turned into a more personal break-up song for me. This song is one of the more heavily produced on the EP, I’m so lucky to have some amazing musicians and friends involved in this project. I had no idea how this song would be produced but I was jamming with my friend Patrick Johnson on electric guitar one day, and he told me to play a song so I played him Let’s Go Away for Awhile and he just jammed a solo out of nowhere and it completely changed the song. This is what started my excitement to start recording these songs. I had similar experiences with other friends, Jacob J Stoney who is all over the EP on Keys, Guy Fletcher on Fiddle, Jason Tebble on Bass Guitar, Megan Henwood on Vocals & of course my Dad, Gerald Claridge on Electric Guitar.

Walls came as a last minute addition, I had another song which was written on a similar subject but then after hearing a report in the aftermath of the Westminster Bridge terrorist attack in March 2017 about the people who were trapped in the London Eye, Walls was written. I started a song from their perspective but then, as you’ll hear, I started to think about the wider connotations of attacks like these on our society. It was always a song I heard strings on. I will never forget the moment when I played the song through with the string trio. I walked out of that session a happy man.

The recording process was long and disjointed but an amazing experience all the same, Sam Fitzpatrick of Us Is The New Them was a huge asset as co-producer and then later when he offered to help put the EP out. His knowledge, patience & experience was amazing when it came to bringing these songs alive.

Thanks for listening,

Fred x

P.S. There’s a bonus track if you listen hard enough. It’s called Dear Diary and was written after my mum told me I needed to write happier songs. At the start of 2016 I started writing about what I did each day to try and appreciate where I was at, it helped a lot and I wrote a song about it. Panned hard left and plonked on the end (just because).

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