Fitz. is one of several musical projects by artist Sam Fitzpatrick; an experimental approach to acoustic music that began as a studio project in the mountains of South Wales in the summer of 2011. Sam formed a band and over the next two years toured throughout the UK supporting acts such as To Kill A King, and performing at such renowned venues such as The Royal Albert Hall. Following a season of festival appearances in 2013, including a slot at Bestival, Fitz. performed as tour support on the sold-out ‘A Scene Of Plenty’ UK tour with folk-band Keston Cobblers Club. In 2014, Sam opened Steam Plough - his studio - in London, and throughout the next two years began establishing a reputation for his alternative production style with both underground and well-known artists including punk legend Mick Jones (The Clash). Performing at, and running intimate unplugged acoustic nights across the city, Sam honed his craft and refined his ability to silence audiences with his modest and intricate approach. The Preludes EP was released on 18th August 2016, featuring long-time collaborator and band-mate Joel Careless (Slowpoet) among a long list of guest artists and friends met along the way.


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