Hiding in the nooks of the unobserved, the boy without a name is the moniker for the works by an artist whose identity will here remain unnamed, a nod to the anonymous lost in the digital age. These are the threads of a troubled mind seeking order in the noise. An honest and emotional observation of a life at odds with the ordinary. It is loneliness and inner conflict, searching to find its place in the psyche. It is a glance under the skin of anxiety, entirely unapologetic in its self indulgence but relatable in its solitude; this is an introspective collection of folk songs, artworks and films for the introverted and the curious.

The artist known as the boy without a name grew up in a small town in Middle England. After graduating from University, he spent three years touring and releasing music under a different name, eventually arriving in London, where he opened a recording studio and began working with artists on the underground London scene. At its height, this journey led to working on productions with such peers as Mick Jones (The Clash) at his studio in West London and becoming immersed into the family of the West London arts community - a teasing glance into a possible future. Eventually, life diverted him onward to the seaside town of Brighton, the choice to leave London made inevitable for him by the burden of money, and the need to be more present in the life of his long-term partner, supporter and often muse, who at this point had been suffering with a then undiagnosed chronic condition which would come to dramatically alter their co-existence and pathway through life’s adventure. It was here in their fifth-floor flat, as the ocean breeze wandered through an open sash window and the yellowy light ebbed through the rooftops onto a four-track cassette recorder, that Islands was conceived.

Heading 5



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